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Sacred Connections Scotland


We have included the following links because we feel they offer helpful information. However, our including them here does not imply that we agree, concur, validate or support everything which may appear on these websites, or any links they may have within their sites.

MasterPath: The Divine Science of Light and Sound “Light and Sound is the cutting edge of spirituality.” Sri Gary Olsen, spiritual leader of MasterPath.

“There are two approaches to God, the conventional and the Universal. Conventional truth instructs us to search for God outside ourselves, whereas universal truth instructs us to search for God and truth within ourselves. There is a vast difference between the two, of which greater numbers are growing increasingly aware”. Sri Gary Olsen

Celtic Mystical Journeys (now Sacred Mystical Journeys) was founded by Finbarr Ross to blend the spiritual and physical needs of seekers and pilgrims like you, beginning with focus on spiritually significant sites within Ireland, England, Scotland and France. Over the past decade, he has added many more destinations to his knapsack, and the name has been changed to Sacred Mystical Journeys to reflect the tour expansion.

Wholistic World Vision is a global communications network for planetary transformation through spiritual re-education and awakening. In 1990, Simon Peter Fuller (founder) brought the Aquarian Cross from Jerusalem to Glastonbury Tor and has since travelled on all continents with this symbol of the Universal Christ consciousness. Through heart-centered spiritual geomancy and with like-minded groups, he has assisted in the activating of many planetary powersites and the realignment of the Earth’s subtle grids. All those dedicated to an holistic lifepath are welcome to connect with us and other likeminded people on our global lists.

Albannach Tours. Guided tours to prehistoric and sacred sites throughout the Celtic countries.

Journeys with Soul. Discover the world’s power places visiting ancient sacred sites, temples or crop circles.

The Isle of Iona is the ancient home of Christianity in Britain and is also a very special place in its own right. This website has information about accommodation, attractions, history and travel to the island.

Places of Peace and Power: The Sacred Site Photography of Martin Gray.  This extensive website features the photographs and writings of anthropologist Martin Gray, who visited and documented more than 1000 holy and magical places in 80 countries. This comprehensive and award winning site also features comprehensive bibliographies, a rich collection of maps showing global pilgrimage places, a stunning collection of relevant links, and details regarding Martin’s slide show presentations around the world.

David Cowan has spent many years actively researching ley lines and their effects to show how they actually work.  He lives in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland.

Da Vinci’s Last Commission. A true story of how a woman in her late 50s came to learn the language of symbolism and its use in communicating the truth behind our heavily censored history. It centres around the beguiling 16th century portrait of a Madonna and child, which has a mysterious Papal Bull attached to the back, a document which proves that Pope Paul V once owned this painting. It was the starting gun to Fiona’s quest to discover what the portrait, and other artefacts which travelled with her, were conspiring to tell. The language these objects used to communicate was symbolism and the story which they reveal is one of a heavily censored history, of Mary Magdalene, of the Holy grail, a grail symbolised by the loving cup of Scottish lore, the Quaich. It is also the amazing story of how Leonardo da Vinci encoded a perceived heresy in his paintings and how ultimately his last commission to King Francis 1 when he was court painter to him in his final years now proclaims it in the portrait of this Madonna and Child, not Mary the Virgin with Jesus, but Mary Magdalene with her son by Jesus.

Margaret Starbird. Sacred Union and Christianity. Author of “The Woman with the Alabastar Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail”.

The Secret Gallery, Highland Perthshire, Scotland. Artist gallery displaying a collection of landscape, seascape, portrait, animal and surreal oil paintings by Eric Timms.

Spirit Mythos. A hub website for several websites and blogs of Maia Alaula Kamal – her channeling, mystical and energy art on many topics including: New Earth, Ancient Civilizations.

The Cosmic Nexus – a cosmic web of connectedness Spirituality – business – community. The Cosmic Nexus project is dedicated to creating a global Community of Unity to take an active part in further developing unity consciousness on Earth. This community will be comprised of various groups such as the spiritual, holistic, metaphysical, alternative anything and conscious business communities. Free newsletter and “Share Your Gifts” community board.

Isaac George – Soulful guidance for life.

The Tibet Society and Tibet Relief Fund of the UK “We are freedom fighters unique in our peaceful approach to liberation. should this experiment prove successful it could have a revolutionary effect on future struggles for freedom.” The Dalai Lama.

Centre for World Peace and Health Holy Island, Isle of Arran, Scotland (Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre)

Caduceus Magazine is an independent, quarterly journal, published for 23 years, that focuses on all aspects of healing – physical, psychological, spiritual, ecological and environmental.

The Health Ranger – Mike Adams

Claire Hewitt – Celtic Harpist, Storyteller, Singer and Teacher of Gaelic Devotional Songs. Claire teaches the therapeutic art of Weaving with Sound in a 2000 year old tradition of the Celtic People.

Song of Taliesin A unique website based upon channelled insights into the Arthurian Grail Tradition.

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland (The Official Website)

Songaia Sound. Cross-cultural Harp Music, Sound Therapy & Chant on CD by Ani Williams

Harman Visions. The visionary artwork of Bruce Harman

David Icke  My words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.

Richie Allen radio show – broadcasting suppressed information.

UK Column  Weekday video news report and newspaper.

British Constitution Group – Reclaiming our sovereignty

Rich Planet TV  Alternative internet TV – documentaries and interviews.

Check the Evidence

Global Research The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal.

The Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the study and promotion of Social Credit.

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