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Sacred Connections Scotland



We have included the following links because we feel they offer helpful information. However, our including them here does not imply that we agree, concur, validate or support everything which may appear on these websites, or any links they may have within their sites.

MasterPath: The Divine Science of Light and Sound “Light and Sound is the cutting edge of spirituality.” Sri Gary Olsen, spiritual leader of MasterPath.

“There are two approaches to God, the conventional and the Universal. Conventional truth instructs us to search for God outside ourselves, whereas universal truth instructs us to search for God and truth within ourselves. There is a vast difference between the two, of which greater numbers are growing increasingly aware”. Sri Gary Olsen

Science of the Soul – online spiritual bookstore.

Sacred Mystical Journeys – sacred site pilgrimages.

Wholistic World Vision – a global communications network for planetary transformation. 

The Isle of Iona is the ancient home of Christianity in Britain and is also a very special place in its own right. This website has information about accommodation, attractions, history and travel to the island.

Margaret Starbird. Sacred Union and Christianity. Author of “The Woman with the Alabastar Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail”.

Caduceus Magazine is an independent, quarterly journal, published for 23 years, that focuses on all aspects of healing – physical, psychological, spiritual, ecological and environmental.

The Health Ranger – Mike Adams

The Clifford Hugh Douglas Institute for the study and promotion of Social Credit.

Social Credit Library archive.

UK Column  Weekday video news report and newspaper.

David Icke  My words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.